How to seamlessly create and exchange data and workflows

The possibilities of BIM and GIS

Live Webinar

June 9th, 2021

15.00 CET, 45 min + Q&A

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Since the announcement at Autodesk University in 2017, Autodesk and ESRI have formed an alliance to allow their customers to seamless create and exchange data and workflows between their BIM and GIS solutions.

Autodesk’s advanced solutions on design based BIM workflows became a fuel for ESRI’s geospatial data platforms that enhanced their GIS based solutions by providing more accurate model information over large areas. In return, ESRI GIS solutions give more real world location based context to Autodesk’s BIM solutions where they informed and allowed end users to get more data based evaluation on their design and build cycles

What started as basic product to product connectability in its early stages now has evolved into unique capabilities between different solutions of Autodesk and ESRI and there is more to come in the following years.
Join us on 9th of June where we will demonstrate:

  • Intro to Autodesk and ESRI Alliance
  • Importance of BIM and GIS workflows when combined
  • State of Integration between Autodesk and ESRI solutions and Platforms (Infraworks / Civil3D)
  • Existing functionality and workflows between Autodesk and ESRI Products & Platforms
  • Real life Use Cases of BIM and GIS integrations
  • Sneak peak into future possibilities in the Alliance

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Firat Ergun

Autodesk Technical Specialist

Morten Ditlevsen

Autodesk Strategic Account Executive - AEC Norway