CAD to BIM and Beyond

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Discover enhanced architecture workflows with AutoCAD, Revit, FormIt Pro, Autodesk Docs, and more.

Language: ENGLISH

You're invited to explore the power of connected workflows that can help you and your architectural teams improve design quality with integrated CAD and BIM data sources.

In this webinar we’ll focus on the ways you can enrich your design processes with a new cloud-based common data environment for better collaboration, seamless connections between conceptual and detailed design tools for better design performance, and more efficient documentation workflows.

Join us as we demonstrate enhancements made to the AEC Collection:

  • Communicate design intent across your teams and stakeholders with simpler and more comprehensive CAD to BIM workflows. 
  • Leverage the cloud to connect your teams and stakeholders in a common data environment with Autodesk Docs – new to the AEC Collection. 
  • Boost productivity and create your best design deliverables with integrated workflows. 


Cesar Escalante

Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager, Architecture