Coordination, Communication, & Collaboration of BIM

We’ve analyzed how our customers are using BIM workflows to achieve their business objectives—by reviewing over 500 projects submitted to the AEC Excellence Awards.


Model coordination with BIM enables unparalleled visibility between disciplines. Everyone can work from the same model with the same data to quickly identify and resolve problems.


BIM streamlines the flow of information between all disciplines and stakeholders, providing the opportunity for higher quality design and construction as well as greater insights for owners and project stakeholders.


With all the parts and pieces that go into delivering a new building or infrastructure project, it’s no surprise that collaboration is an important element for AEC projects. In fact, collaboration is cited every year as one of the leading benefits of BIM.

BIM insights from 12 outstanding projects

Get an inside look

Here we will look at some stories behind award-winning projects using BIM workflows and other technologies to deliver better outcomes.



Coordination, Communication, & Collaboration of BIM

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