Optimized workflows for optimum results

Model-based planning lets you work on all domains in your rail mobility projects. Create an optimized workflow, prevent errors, and secure efficiency over the course of the project.

Benefits at a glance

BIM helps engineers go further. As you innovate new ways to stand out from the crowd, harness the strengths at your disposal by making sure everyone’s on board. And don’t worry about changes disrupting your timeline—BIM helps you stay on track.


    To invent something new, you have to master the old. Autodesk solutions provide a full overview of the data and options at hand, opening your eyes to new possibilities. 


    It’s not just how much data you have, but whether you know how to apply it. Autodesk BIM offerings give you the tools to gain full control over the information at your disposal and how to wield it to give you an edge.


    As the rail industry picks up pace, changes and modifications are inevitable. BIM lets you incorporate them quickly and easily so that you lose no time moving forward. 


    Digital models give all parties access to the same data. This makes it easier to coordinate across all domains and stakeholders. 

End-to-end support for multidiscipline rail design projects

Major rail projects include both station design and rail track layout. To manage all the related processes effectively, you need the best tools—but even the best tools fall short if they don't address the whole picture. Autodesk is uniquely positioned to deliver a complete project solution. 

  • Design

    Various products help you explore conceptual designs, enhance precision, and automate tasks for multiple transportation domains: track work, roadways, utilities, site work, transportation systems, civil structures, environmental and geotechnical.

  • Aggregate & Simulate

    Scale the entire infrastructure model and create 4D simulations within the built and natural environment—to improve decision-making and manage project outcomes.

  • Collaborate

    Connect all rail domains and disciplines in an OpenBIM CDE and collaborate with all departments and stakeholders.

Customer Stories

HDR: Blending the horizontal and vertical worlds into one

The LAX Integrated Express Solutions (LINXS) P3 team is leading the design of the LAWA APM System, a 2.25-mile elevated guideway connecting the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility with the LAX Central Terminal Area. At a value of $2 billion, it is one of the largest active airport construction projects in the US.

LINK ALLIANCE: Integrated BIM approach for CRL New Zealand's largest railway project

The City Rail Link is a complex infrastructure project in Auckland that combines civil, tunnel and rail systems. BIM was initiated in the early stages of the project with the main goal of streamlining the workflow throughout the project lifecycle.

ARCADIS: Let's do it! The future of rail design

This class discusses all aspects of rail design. We do not focus on one specific discipline, but focus on the entire rail industry. Track, OLE, cable & ducts, signaling, stations—all are featured in the presentation.

Set your projects on the right track

The digital transformation offers your company measurable benefits: a more intelligent, reliable approach toward the rail mobility of the future.

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