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Rail Summit 2021 On Demand. We made the recordings available for you. Learn from industry experts as they share their success stories and best practices.

Reduce complexity—maximize digitalization

To keep up with the brisk growth in the rail transport sector, operators and engineers have to improve efficiency. The best approach to doing so calls for extensive digitalization across all design and building processes.


Owners are expected to improve sustainability and expand capacity, while facing pressure to move faster and keep costs down. And through it all, the safety of everyone during construction and operations is paramount. The key to mastering this balance is the digital twin


In the push to develop new services and increase competitiveness, BIM is the engineer’s best friend. By drawing on the comprehensive Autodesk portfolio, engineers can coordinate across all domains and stakeholders while also cutting the time needed for retro-engineering.

Autodesk Rail Summit – On Demand

The rail industry is undergoing a major transformation. Top industry leaders share valuable insights into outstanding projects and visionary strategies at the Autodesk Rail Summit 2021, check out the recordings.

Customer Stories

DB GERMANY: The future of rail

With traffic on Germany’s rail network projected to see massive growth between 2010 and 2030, there is an urgent need to improve services and expand capacity. However, the rail industry can’t do it alone: the software industry needs to deliver the tools. Autodesk is a key partner in this digitization process.

ACCIONA: Integration of BIM in design & construction activities in the Follo Line Project-EPC TBM

The session will address the implementation of BIM tools, methods, and processes in the Follo Line Project-EPC TBM and how it enabled digital information to become key in decision-making, collaboration, and asset traceability.

ARCADIS: Reduce time for design and construction

See how Arcadis, a global consulting and development company, is working on a digital model that massively reduced the amount of time spent on planning and implementation.

SMEC: Increase your workforce capability

Using the BIM cloud, the Australian infrastructure specialist SMEC was able to cut travel and resource costs and optimize key construction processes. This allowed the employees to realize their full potential and increase their performance.

End-to-end workflow for the entire railway structure

Transportation and infrastructure are two of today’s most dynamic industries, especially when it comes to architecture, engineering, and construction. The planning of major rail projects includes designing stations and infrastructure as well as track configurations and signal systems. With BIM, all parties participate in a uniform workflow and enjoy ideal conditions for collaboration—all the way from the project kickoff to when the facility starts operations.

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