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Civil 3D 2019.1

  • Link topography from Civil 3D to Revit

    Publish surfaces from Civil 3D to BIM 360 using Autodesk Desktop Connector. Then, reference the topography in Revit. (video: 1 min.)

  • New features for rail design

    Rail subassemblies supporting cant for XML and offset alignments can improve the track corridor modeling process. (video: 48 sec.)

  • Curves and transition spirals alignment

    Quick center line alignment now enhanced for complex geometry. You can also create a best fit profile above or below existing grade. (video: 57 sec.)

  • Optimized performance for DREF elements

    Streamline your projects with efficiency features, including automatic alerts and updates following DREF elements modifications. (video: 47 sec.)

Civil 3D 2019

  • Profiles

    Offset profiles are more accurate with support for vertical curves.

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  • Subassemblies

    Expanded corridor capabilities with more than 60 additional subassemblies.

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  • Sections

    Represent 3D solid objects more accurately with more control over visual properties.

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  • Pressure pipes

    Meet more design standards with additional fittings and appurtenances.

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  • Label property set data

    Add custom data to Civil 3D object labels by using property sets.

  • Enhanced | InfraWorks interoperability

    Use preliminary design models within Civil 3D.

  • Advance roundabout design

    Bring new roundabout designs into Civil 3D.

  • Civil 3D with Revit

    Enhance structural and civil design collaboration.