Autodesk solutions help reduce carbon footprint

Can Autodesk help Nestlé reach its sustainability goals?

Nestlé strives for zero environmental impact

Nestlé strives for zero environmental impact in their operations and has set clear commitments to use sustainably managed and renewable resources, operate more efficiently, achieve zero waste for disposal and improve water management.

Autodesk technology for a sustainable world

The goal behind Autodesk's sustainable design technology is empowering people to design, collaborate, build, and fabricate in ways that improve productivity – while also reducing waste and saving energy. Our software harnesses the power of automation to achieve business and sustainability goals.


    Autodesk solutions empower architects and engineers to design and operate buildings with higher energy-efficiency.


    Our solutions help engineers plan and optimize factories and production facilities to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.


    Among other tasks, our manufacturing solutions simulate plastic molding, allowing you to produce thinner parts with less plastic consumption.

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