Product lifecycle management: a catalyst for business transformation

A report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Using the power of technology to do more with less

The highly competitive landscape of manufacturing today is driven by increasing complexity—consumers are demanding high-quality and personalized products at record speed, supply chain disruptions and constantly evolving consumer demands call for unprecedented agility, and siloed and unstructured data is making it harder than ever for disparate teams to share knowledge and timely information. 

This report developed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Autodesk dives into how product lifecycle management (PLM) can do more than simply manage the design and engineering data contained within computer-aided design files. Read the report to learn how cloud-based PLM technology can help organizations digitize their processes and build accountability and traceability across their entire product development process.

Jumpstart digital transformation with product lifecycle management

Download the report to learn how PLM technology serves as a powerful and strategic response to the mounting challenges of complex product development processes.

Key takeaways from the report on the value of PLM

Accelerate business processes

PLM can reduce the likelihood of defects and improve time to market, product quality, and reliability by supporting a more proactive, collaborative, and data-driven approach to quality management.

Remove collaboration barriers

PLM minimizes the risk of errors and miscommunication by allowing engineers to store today’s vast volumes of product-related data in one central, accessible location.

Fuel development agility

Team members can access the same, most-up-to-date version of product data and gain a complete view of each step of the development process—visibility that can fuel more-informed decision making.

With an exclusive perspective from Autodesk leadership

“Digital transformation begins with the convergence of design and manufacturing disciplines, putting data at the center to connect entire organizations.”

—Derrek Cooper, Vice President, Autodesk

Transform your business with product lifecycle management