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One platform for every catchment

Cloud-connected. Seamlessly integrated with Civil 3D. Built for collaboration. Model, plan, and deliver your storm and wastewater networks with InfoWorks ICM.

See how InfoWorks ICM can optimize your water management

Integrated storm, waste, and floodwater modeling gives you the insight you need to make impactful, cost-effective decisions for projects of every scale. Download the two pager for a snapshot of how.

“InfoWorks ICM gave us confidence that we were on the right track, letting us perform the most severe simulations to ensure the safety of this new dam.”

– Fernando Figueiredo, BIM Consultant, Schettini Engenharia

Water experts worldwide use InfoWorks ICM to keep communities safe

Equipping San Francisco for a 100-year storm event

Modeling a combined network for a coastal catchment full of steep hills, low valleys, and urban flats.


Protecting mainland Tasmania from historic floods

Predictive impact mapping makes for robust recovery plans that keep Tasmania safe.


Reducing the need for capacity planning by 30%

Dynamic modeling opens up exciting possibilities for Central San—including $10m in savings.


Why choose InfoWorks ICM?

Streamline your water project processes

Often, designers must plan infrastructure without fully knowing its hydrologic impact on a catchment. InfoWorks ICM lets you seamlessly exchange data with Civil 3D designs at any stage in the project, helping you reduce design discrepancies and rework. All while modeling for both storm and wastewater, you can run your project from start to finish in one cohesive, robust software ecosystem.

Make informed decisions, meet green standards

Gather and analyze historical data, so you can make capital planning decisions that speed up projects and save on costs. Model sustainable, urban drainage systems with less risk of road runoff and sewer overflows. Ensure your projects meet green standards with infrastructure that supports, not suppresses, local biodiversity.


Take catchment modeling to the cloud

Let your team share data, make edits, and collaborate from anywhere with workgroup functionality. Track and color code changes for complete visibility across the project lifecycle. Plus, free up your hardware resources by running simulations from the cloud, 80% faster than on desktop.

Be proactive, not reactive, with sewer overflows

Heavy rainfall can lead to combined sewer overflows in unexpected places. Anticipate overflow events long before they happen, take protective measures, and simulate their impact in real-time with emergency storm simulations. Reduce the risk of harm to both the local public and the environment.

Freely configure your models and simulations

Scale your model to match your catchment as it grows and changes over time. Change scenario parameters on the fly, and test a multitude of outcomes specific to your catchment. Inspect individual elements of each simulation with customized reporting, down to the last detail.

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See first-hand how Sydney Water protects the environment from sewer overflows with integrated models built in InfoWorks ICM.

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