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The Digital Thread for building product manufacturers

In a recent Harvard Business Review report, 74% of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms said tight partnerships with building product manufacturers will be extremely important to project success in coming years. Whilst 72% of construction companies say digital transformation is a key priority to drive much-needed changes to their processes. 

As a building product manufacturer, how could you capitalise on these opportunities? The answer is a digital thread that connects all your data, creating a robust workflow for better decision-making and stronger relationships across your client ecosystem. 

In this virtual knowledge exchange, we will explore the transformations in building design and construction impacting building product manufacturers and what actions you can take to turn these opportunities into business. 


The Digital Thread for building product manufacturers 

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Establish a single source of truth and enable innovation that matters, so you can spend more time winning work

Connected data and robust digital workflows ensure your decision-making results in improving internal processes and strengthening relationships across your supply chain.

  • Leverage your data

    Getting the most out of your existing resources is crucial to ensuring maximum profitability. Making data driven decisions simplifies and accelerates the task of reducing processes that don't add meaningful value.

    By making your data more transparent, it works harder for you and opens up the business to the benefits of automation, enhanced collaboration and more reliable management.

  • Improve profitability & reduce risk

    Reducing costs and increasing productivity are easier said than done. It takes total visibility and control over every part of the production process to start significantly reducing waste across the board.

    By introducing ways of testing, simulating and automating improvements, you can optimise manufacturing techniques, minimise costly mistakes and innovate freely.

  • Grow your offering

    Success in the marketplace often relies on being able to respond to the needs of businesses and your customers in real-time. Departments responsible for making this happen need to stay one step ahead.

    Mobilising your data is the key to launching new innovative products and services that support your customers, solving their issues faster than the competition can.

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