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All subscriptions are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee

  • Flexible licensing - easily scale up the number of licences to manage temporary increases in workload or staffing, and scale back when you no longer need them.
  • Stay up to date - have access to the latest software releases and product enhancements.
  • Multi-computer installation – Install your software on multiple computers and use it on up to 3 devices.
  • Use your software offline - Your software is installed on your local machine. Therefore, you can work on your projects when you are offline.
  • Access previous software release - With an active subscription, you have access to previous software releases. To see which versions are available, please see this list.
  • Direct support – access direct help from product support specialists.
  • Cloud storage - access to 25GB cloud storage.


Make sure that the Billing information (e.g., name and email address) submitted is that of the person in your organization who will manage the software and its users. This person will receive important information and administrative privileges to help manage the software; this person cannot be changed once the purchase is made.


  • ReMake is cloud enabled desktop software. 
  • To generate 3D meshes from photos or scans, you can use the cloud option (for which you need to purchase cloud credits – See How To) or local computation (which requires a powerful desktop machine – See System Requirements). The latter does not require cloud credits and making 3D models is included in the subscription fee. Cloud Credits can be purchased from your Autodesk Account (See How To Purchase Cloud Credits)


Create high definition 3D meshes from reality captured with photos or scans, that can be cleaned up, fixed, edited, scaled, measured, re-topologised, decimated,  aligned, compared and optimised for reverse engineering, for design and engineering, for digital workflows, digital fabrication or publishing for interactive experiences on Web and mobile. Autodesk® ReMake plays well with Autodesk® ReCap 360, helping clean up, fix, edit, optimise and prepare the generated meshes from laser scans or photos for downstream use.

  • Turn collections of simple photos into high definition 3D models using the power of the cloud processing or process locally
  • Turn structured light registered scans into high definition 3D models
  • Create, Visualise and Edit 2+ billion polygon meshes with a state-of-the-art mesh streaming engine specifically built for reality data
  • Clean up noise and dirty environments of captured meshes to create clean assets with smart and simple to use tools
  • Diagnose, Fix and Edit mesh issues with unprecedented ease of use
  • Re-topologise and decimate huge meshes to optimise for further use
  • Set units and coordinate points or change scale for seamless downstream workflows
  • Measure Distance, Surface and Volume of meshes or parts of meshes for various types of reporting and analysis
  • Align and compare two meshes of different states in time or different sources of same mesh. Use Align to also combine
  • Import 3D meshes from any modelling or capture application for further preparation and optimisation
  • Prepare high definition meshes for 3D printing to any 3D printer and unique high resolution printing of high poly-count models to Autodesk Ember 3D printer
  • Prepare ready to use, clean and decimated assets from meshes generated with ReCap’s scan-to-mesh services
  • Move into modelling and design via export templates or advanced exporting using OBJ with quads (for Fusion360), FBX (for 3dsMax, Maya, Mudbox, AutoCAD, Stingray, Revit, Civil3D), OBJ or STL (for 123D Make, ArtCAM)
  • Publish 3D models to interactive online Gallery for viewing, interacting and sharing online via hyperlink and HTML, using integrated Play publishing 


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